Fall 2023 Recruitment

Dear Potential Rushee,

Congratulations, you have made two remarkable choices that have brought you to this point to be reading this – (1) You are more than likely about to be an Auburn student or are already one. Clearly this is the best institution to receive a college degree from, we can all agree on that much. War Damn Eagle. (2) You have made the choice to pursue a life beyond that of just a normal college student, but one that will be full of lifelong connections of Brotherhood thanks to the opportunities of Greek Life and Fraternal Life at Auburn.

So, we have settled on the fact that you have made some very sound decisions to this point and your next big one will be choosing the fraternal organization to pledge yourself to becoming a part of. The Phi Sigma Kappa chapter at Auburn University will offer you some of the most supreme opportunities as a young man to grow and excel. I think the best way to give you a snapshot of what we are about would be to share our 3 Cardinal Principles: Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. These are principles that you can count on every Brother of the chapter to live by.

Located at 835 West Magnolia Ave., Phi Sigma Kappa is in the heart of all things Auburn and all things Greek. On gamedays expect to hear some of the best local and national bands playing on our stage while we get ready to go into Jordan-Hare. When it comes to classes, expect to have the fortune of seeing brothers that you know in the same classrooms and buildings. When it comes to work and job fairs, expect to have brothers there to help create opportunities for you through their own connections they have made. When it comes to your family, expect them to be proud of the choice you have made in joining a fraternity that just means more. When it comes to the house, expect to have access to one of the most unique buildings in Auburn, AL with features that you must see to believe. And not to mention ideal proximity to campus with a bus stop right in front of the house.

I urge you, when considering fraternities this upcoming rush, to make the best decision for you. In order to do this, you should visit with as many fraternities as you can so you can be 100% confident in your choice. When you make time to meet the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa, expect to experience a taste of authentic brotherhood. It would take many more pages than this one letter to explain what "Authentic Brotherhood" means, but I believe you will see it in action if you come by.

Best of Luck,

War Damn Eagle and

Damn Proud.


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